One on One Session

Book One-on-One Session

Get personalized guidance and accelerate your learning with a dedicated one-on-one session with your course instructor! This is your chance to ask in-depth questions, receive tailored feedback, and deepen your understanding of the course material.

About One-on-One Sessions

  1. Get Personalized Attention: Dive deeper into specific topics that challenge you.
  2. Ask In-Depth Questions: Clarify concepts and receive focused answers from your instructor.
  3. Share Your Work: Get valuable feedback on your projects and assignments.
  4. Tailored Learning Experience: Receive guidance specific to your needs and learning goals.
  5. Flexible Scheduling: Book a session that fits your busy schedule.
  6. One Hour of Focused Instruction: Maximize your learning time with a dedicated instructor.

How To Book One-on-One Session?

Choose a Course

Select the course you'd like personalized support with. During checkout, you'll be presented with the option to add a one-on-one session.

Book in Calendar

Choose a convenient time slot that works for both you and your instructor. Our easy-to-use calendar allows you to see available times and book with a few clicks.


Complete the secure checkout process. The cost of the one-on-one session will be clearly displayed before confirmation.


You're all set! You'll receive confirmation of your booking and a reminder email with details about your session, including the meeting link and instructor information.