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Stand out from your competitors with a strong personal brand! Enhance your skills, learn digital marketing skills

To build a strong personal brand, and manage your career professionally.

Raise your value in the job market, and enjoy greater flexibility in your life!

Master the most sought-after and lucrative skills in the market.

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You can get it easily if you have a strong personal brand, that allows you to manage your career professionally, ensures that you secure your income with higher salaries and profits, your social and professional network is larger, and provides you with broader career options that help you achieve your goals, and distinguish you strongly among all your competitors, so to achieve all these gains, it’s necessary to master digital marketing skills in order to easily reach your target audience and customers, and interact with them in the best way. If you are looking for a job that is highly demanded in the labor market, or you want to build your personal brand and start making your own dreams come true, this course will be the right choice for you. Because it will teach you all the successful ways to build strong brands, and make you master the use of digital marketing like a professional, even if you have no previous experience.

Why would you join the course with Youssef Sabri?

Youssef is one of the Arab influencers in the field of entrepreneurship, with hundreds of thousands of followers on social media, and his YouTube episodes have achieved more than 2 million views. Youssef makes a podcast in which he interviews a large group of successful and influential models in different fields to convey their experiences to people, and be A source of inspiration during their journey to improve their lives, as he is the co- founder of VCN, which offers a range of courses in the most lucrative and sought-after fields in the market, He is the founding partner of VWN, a company specialized in providing digital marketing services to clients in Canada and America, with about 13 departments, and more than 400 employees, all of whom work from home.Youssef’s experiences never stopped here, but he would like to convey to you part of his experience through a digital marketing course in which he will teach you how to build your brand from scratch, step by step, without any previous experience.

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